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Educational Programs

Creature Teachers

Each show includes ~ 5 species, and lasts 45 minutes to 1 hour. For smaller groups we try to include time for the children to touch some of the animals

For younger audiences the shows can be divided into two half hour programs, allowing for smaller audiences and shorter attention spans.

Our “Creepy Crawly” show features the spiders, scorpion, and insects listed above along with a reptile or two. We are happy to work with you to bring the animals that will best fit the age and interests of your particular audience.


Additional animals are available for outdoor venues (where larger animals will fit and are welcome). We are happy to tailor the shows to your individual needs. Feel free to contact us with any questions or special requests.

Bar C Ranch offers entertaining educational programs for all ages starting at $200. We bring a variety of animals to your school, party, or event and talk about their habitats, adaptations, diets, and behavior. We have presented shows to children from preschool to high school and gear each show to be appropriate to the age and interests of the audience. We can also emphasize topics that are being covered in the classroom. Shows can be held indoors or out. Call or email to schedule your event.

Topics that are often covered in these presentations include:

· Basic needs of animals

· Adaptations (physical and behavioral)

· Diet

· Habitat

· Life cycle

· Camouflage

· Cold vs. warm blooded

· Relationship to humans

· Species history

· And much more

To contact us:

Jennifer: 540-539-7689



Wil: 540-539-7690


Animals that we may bring include:

· Chinchilla

· Sugar Glider

· Hedgehog

· Tortoise

· Patagonian Cavy

· Bearded Dragon

· Argentine Tegu

· Tarantula, Scorpion, or Hissing Cockroaches

What better way to reinforce a lesson about adaptations, or desert habitats than with a “Camel in the Classroom”. Our sweet dromedary camels have been part of our family since they were very young., They never fail to amaze and win the hearts of children of all ages.

This program lasts 45 min. to 1 hour and includes a ~30 min talk about these amazing animals and time for the children to pet and interact with the camel and ask questions.


This show is especially exciting when combined with a camel ride! Contact us for pricing and availability.